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Temple of Mysticism

Leanne Juliette

Welcome to the Temple of Mysticism podcast hosted by Leanne Juliette - Queen of Revolutionary Transformation & Shadow! I am a Spiritual Catalyst, High Priestess, Mystic, Oracle & Visionary - here to revolutionize how you see the world and how you view yourself. My energy is highly activating, potent and liberating as I take you on a journey into the truth of who you are and the world around you to DIS-spell illusion and shadow. I am a Vessel for Divine Wisdom as I channel Higher Consciousness & the Esoteric to bring a new way of being to your Life, Spiritual Journey, Business & Relationships. I am blunt AF, don't sugar coat and tell you exactly what your Higher Self desires for you to hear...even when it triggers the fuck out of you! LOL! Especially then! I am a Mirror who reflects back to you the truth of who you are and I love nothing more than playing in the energy of Shadow, Darkness & Magic to take you on a journey BACK to truth and to activate the magic that is already within you.

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